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Legal Specialties

Intellectual Property

Legal rights for designs, inventions, and other original creative work

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Securities and Finance

Regulations on investment and corporate finance decisions

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Corporate Transactions

Sale, restructuring, liquidation, and private equity transactions

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Labor and Employment

Regulations and protections for workers and employers

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Litigation and Dispute

Conflicts with business partners, clients, and investors

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidation with and purchase of other companies

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Anti-trust and Competition

Regulations to ensure a fair marketplace and protect consumers

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Visas and other legal processes for non-native employees

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What does Juristerra offer?

We connect clients and attorneys across the globe and provide them the tools for seamless communication, knowledge sharing, and lasting business relationships.

For Clients

1. Find specialized lawyers with the expert legal services and answers your business needs

2. Communicate easily and securely with your legal team using our sophisticated suite of online tools

3. Receive legal project management assistance from internationally trained attorneys and managers

For Attorneys

1. Grow your practice with qualified and vetted corporate clients and partners

2. Strengthen your cross-jurisdictional capacity by leveraging the expertise of others

3. Improve communication and management of client cases

Get Started with Juristerra


1. Submit a request on our site


2. If you want assistance or a legal project manager, we contact you to discuss your needs


3. Once we've determined your legal strategy, we search our network for an attorney or firm


4. When we find the best match, we connect them with your company


5. If you accept, we can help determine the appropriate legal services and fees

Juristerra’s Legal
Project Management and
Legal Consulting achieves goals

1. Engaging with Management

Direct communication with your company’s management and/in house counsel to assess legal needs

2. Assessment of Needs

Assessment of legal needs and budget to deal with those needs through strategic planning

3. Finding the right Attorneys

Acquisition of a law firm that can provide the services needed at competitive rates (not available through the open market)

4. Strategic Oversight

Working with your team and the legal team to stick with strategic planning and legal costs (as allowed by CA State Bar and local Bar Association rules)

5. Satisfactory Results

Satisfactorily concluding project needs

For Law Firms: Use Juristerra to Grow Your Practice

Juristerra connects you with clients and colleagues. Juristerra helps you to:

- Get access to international corporate clientele
- Grow your regional practice groups
- Streamline communications and clients and colleagues

Use the Legal Network to:

- Get second opinions from international peers
- Find trustworthy co-cousels for a project
- Collaborate across jurisdictions and specialties

We give you direct access to clients and experts you won't find elsewhere

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